Integrate, capture, access – The top three asks in an ECM solution for Workday

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It’s been a whirlwind week as more than 7,000 attendees have joined together at Workday Rising in Chicago to learn about the latest features and products Workday and its partners have to offer.

As I spoke with Workday customers and prospects throughout the week, a common theme became clear regarding their technology needs – can organizations connect their Workday software with an enterprise content management (ECM) system?

The answer, of course, is yes. But ECM – also called document management – is only the beginning. The value of an ECM platform is that it features a variety of benefits to improve processes across your organization.

Three ways ECM improves your Workday software

Based on my conversations with attendees, let’s look at three areas where enterprise content management can enhance processes in Workday:

1. Integrate

Workday is critical for your everyday operations. However, while working in it, users frequently rely on information stored elsewhere to make decisions. An ECM system acts as a central repository for this information, intelligently linking the documents and data within it to the transactions and activities in Workday.

By integrating Workday with an ECM solution, organizations:

  • Eliminate switching between screens to find the right information: Users gain instant access to related content stored in the ECM system without leaving Workday.
  • Ease the transition to new software: With OnBase ECM, users access content directly from Workday, so training is minimal. User acceptance also increases because staff can access needed content from Workday.
  • Reduce manual data entry: The right ECM solution instantly updates Workday as soon as it receives information, and, in turn, Workday can update the information stored in that ECM system.

2. Capture

No matter where or how content enters your organization, an ECM system captures it to provide faster, simpler and improved access to those who need it most.

ECM solutions provide a variety of ways to capture the information you need from relevant paper and electronic documents:

  • Scan paper documents: Capture a single page or thousands of documents directly from where you receive them, saving time and minimizing the costs and risks associated with transportation.
  • Import electronic documents and information: Automatically capture electronic documents, like email, in their native formats directly from the applications you use on a daily basis. You can even use your mobile device to quickly upload photos and content while in the field, whether you are connected or offline.
  • Extract data from your documents: While capturing documents, ECM systems pull the relevant data off the page, validate it against existing information and share it with Workday – saving time associated with manual data entry. The extracted data is then used to automatically index documents, making them instantly accessible.

3. Access

An ECM solution makes your content instantly available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from almost any device or application, such as Workday. By providing the right information at the right time, it empowers your users to make better decisions, effectively serve customers and keep processes flowing.

By connecting a robust ECM solution with Workday, your organization provides access to information:

  • From a personalized, intuitive user interface: Put the documents, forms, business process and reports that are important right at users’ fingertips.
  • While working in another business application: ECM solutions integrate with other applications, like Workday or Microsoft® Office products, equipping users to access content directly from their familiar screens.
  • While on the go: Use ECM mobile applications to instantly access information, make decisions and monitor processes wherever you are – from an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone or tablet.
  • When disconnected: Give field workers the ability to retrieve, create and update documents, complete forms and upload photos while offline.
  • To those outside your organization: Improve the experience of your students, patients and customers by allowing them to easily submit forms, track process status and access documents online.

So, if your staff live in Workday, connecting it with an ECM system is a great next step. Not only will you streamline processes, you’ll provide users with all the content they need to efficiently do their jobs. That’s a trend worth following.

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Katie Alberti has expertise in content services platforms and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti has expertise in content services platforms and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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