Get Lean and Improve Quality with Enterprise Content Management

In a recent Industry Week webinar, JHP Pharmaceuticals discussed how it digitized its work processes. There were many reasons JHP took the digital plunge. Externally, regulators were calling for records digitization, increased process control and predictive analytics while customers demanded faster and easier communication with the company. Internally, JHP needed to increase operational efficiencies while reducing costs.

In addition to those important business drivers, digitizing processes gave the drug manufacturer the ability to:

  • Distribute products globally by complying with regulations
  • Access information instantly for faster, more efficient production processes
  • Reduce human errors and the need for continual retesting
  • Improve product quality, consistency and safety

Reduce your reliance on paper to positively affect the bottom line
Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions electronically store the information you receive every day – like scanned-in paper documents, emails and faxes – so you can analyze and optimize your business processes. By automating processes, you reduce your reliance on paper, saving your company money on storage and shipping costs.  

You can also increase your operational effectiveness and profitability by optimizing important business processes like those in Accounts Receivable. For example, ECM helps decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) by automatically forwarding loan documents throughout the process and notifying necessary employees when information is missing. By automating AR processes, companies are able to:

  • Measure performance
  • Quickly follow up on disputes and late payments
  • Identify why customers pay late

With an ECM solution, companies get lean while improving business processes that can have a positive impact internally and externally. By automating tasks, you speed up processes and provide all employees with instant information access so they can focus on customers, and ultimately increase revenue.

Becca Toth

Becca Toth

Becca Toth serves as Industry Marketing Manager for the manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution verticals for Hyland Software Inc., the Westlake, Ohio- based developer of OnBase. Becca’s primary responsibilities include... read more about: Becca Toth