Digital transformation is top of mind at Workday Rising

Workday Rising, the premier annual event for Workday customers, partners, employees, and prospective customers, is being held October 14-17 in Orlando. This year, we’re excited to be there as a Workday Select Partner, joining some 13,000 attendees to share ideas and solutions to today’s complex challenges.

A key theme at this year’s conference will be digital transformation — particularly the importance of organizational agility in achieving it. Because digital transformation is a moving target, organizations must be able to continuously innovate at scale to drive revenue growth. It’s no longer enough to have a plan in place — true digital transformation is about changing the way the business operates to achieve value. This can be done by either creating new digital products and revenue streams, or leveraging technology to optimize existing products and services.

A content services platform is a critical ingredient in any organization’s digital transformation journey. By providing flexible automation, document and data management, intelligent capture and application development capabilities, content services help organizations rapidly respond to new and changing business needs.

By eliminating manual work and dependency on paper, organizations can improve efficiency, minimize errors, improve decision making and streamline processes across multiple areas of the business — from finance and accounting to human resources to legal.

Integration is key to achieving value

However, all that is for nothing if it doesn’t work with and add value to your existing Workday system. One of the biggest challenges companies face when deploying their transformation plan is creating information silos as a result of disparate data sources and disconnected systems.

As you rely on Workday to manage critical data and processes, integrating with a content services platform can automate tasks and digitize content that occur outside the Workday system. This not only extends the value of your Workday investment, it ensures complete digital transformation for your core business processes.

Accounts payable (AP), for example, is a prime candidate. Because supplier invoices, bills and other payables have typically been in paper format (or unsearchable PDF if they are scanned), AP has historically been a time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone process.

What successful AP automation looks like

With Hyland’s AP Automation for Workday, invoices become a rich source of information. Hyland’s certified integration with Workday enables users to automate and streamline their AP process from the moment an invoice is received — no matter what format it comes in.

Here are three ways the Hyland and Workday integration enables successful AP automation:

  • Automate data capture: Hyland technology leverages optical character recognition (OCR) or intelligent data capture to extract, validate and export invoice information. This not only improves efficiency, it minimizes the chance of error by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the overall touch points throughout invoice processing.

The solution provides greater visibility by ensuring that data, processes and documents are in sync and updated in real-time. And with industry leading document management capabilities, users can securely manage important business content and access critical AP documents directly from their Workday screens.

  • Manage documents, content and forms: Automated workflows automatically route documents, content and forms to appropriate business users, notifying the needed stakeholders along the way. This shortens the invoice-to-pay cycle and allows exceptions to be managed in a timely manner. With two-way data validation and exchange, documents that need attention — like invoices that have no record in Workday or incomplete shipment information — are automatically routed to the appropriate people to review.
  • Manage records and retention: The solution ensures consistent record keeping while guaranteeing the right information is available to the right people. Document retention is also automated, which means organizations reduce the time it takes to prepare for audit requests.

By leveraging the strengths of Workday and Hyland, AP teams can speed processing, improve efficiency and reduce costs. That sounds like the value of true digital transformation. To learn more, join us at our presentation on AP Automation for Workday on Wednesday, October 16 at 4 p.m. ET, and be sure to drop by booth #613!

Don Dittmar

Don Dittmar is the Commercial Industry Product Manager at Hyland.

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