Deltek Insight: 3 reasons ECM and Costpoint go hand in hand


Deltek users have one thing in common: They’re inundated with large volumes of information. If most of this information resides on paper, processes take time. Customer service slows down. And, ultimately, bottom lines take a negative hit.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

For the American Institute for Research (AIR), investing in enterprise content management (ECM) was the needed component to transform business processes.

As Gregory Derritt, AIR’s director of corporate business systems, explained during his session at Deltek Insight’14, eliminating paper allowed the project-based organization to transform its business processes.

Here are the top three benefits Derritt believes ECM provides:

1. Eliminates paper
One of the biggest values an ECM system brings organizations is its ability to capture content electronically, eliminating paper and associated costs.

At AIR, its back office departments leveraged ECM because of its ability to digitize things like cash receipts, journal entries, contracts and employee files. In HR, for example, converting paper-based employee files to images slashed paper costs while also enhancing the security of sensitive employee information.

2. Provides instant information access
Searching for paper documents is no longer a norm for AIR employees. By storing everything in a central document repository, staff instantly access needed information.

Because ECM integrates with systems like Costpoint, staff now access needed documents directly from ERP screens. The result is minimal user training and high user acceptance – users gain access to needed information while remaining in their familiar work environment.

“Having online document access is really powerful,” Derritt said. “Ten years ago, it wasn’t easy to have a decentralized process. We had to place individuals close to the paper documents they need. Today, many people work from home or out of remote offices.”

3. Automates processes
Because ECM’s sweet spot is transactional processing, AIR knew it could leverage its solution to automate predictable processes.

In billing, for example, the ECM solution automatically routes invoices and related information to assigned billers. As a result, staff can easily:

  • Recalculate invoices in Costpoint
  • Import final bills
  • Create bill packages consisting of invoices, SF1034s, cover pages and supporting backups

Once created, bills are automatically routed to finance managers for review and signatures. By eliminating manual processing, AIR speeds up the billing cycle, allowing the organization to quickly distribute bills and, ultimately, collect payments faster.

For AIR, implementing an ECM solution has been a win-win.

“It’s the stronger document control and security,” Derritt said. “We don’t lose documents, we’re retrieving information faster, automating processes, distributing work and tracking core documents all with one system.”

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Katie Alberti

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