Author: Susan deCathelineau

The State of the Healthcare IT Market: Reflecting on the 2011 HCI 100 Ranking

Over the past few years, enterprise IT buying has changed drastically, especially in healthcare. The amount of information from trade media, vendors and industry associations can be overwhelming. Yet with all this information available, buyers continue to turn to the simplest of information sources: vendor rankings. One of the most notable of these in the healthcare market is the annual HCI 100, a revenue-based ranking of all software and services vendors in the U.S., compiled by Healthcare Informatics. The list itself is a good indicator of who the players are and how they grow (or regress) from year to year. But, most people, especially in the fast-paced healthcare industry, don’t have time to parcel through the vendor names and abbreviation-laden product descriptions to identify market trends that would help them through the buying process. So, to help you out, based on this year’s HCI 100, here are two major trends I’m watching in healthcare IT, and how you can use them to navigate the buying process of enterprise health information technology.