Author: Marc Majers and Michael Ullinger

Marc Majers and Michael Ullinger

Marc Majers is a senior user experience designer on the User Experience team (UX) for Hyland. The UX team acts as an advocate for end users within the software creation process and every point along the customer journey. The group conducts usability testing in the field, remotely and in Hyland’s usability lab to gather information and analyze user experience trends. The team then applies that research toward creating intuitive user interface designs and future product enhancements focused on user goals. Michael Ullinger started at Hyland in 2011 as a development intern, working on integrations and prototypes, but found a passion in making software and experiences better through design. He joined Hyland full time on the UX team as a Usability and UI Specialist, where he’s been able to work on general and specific applications for mobile, web, and desktop. He currently works on exploring innovative and new interaction technologies and engaging marketing in creating usable software with personality.

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