Author: Jill Grillo

Jill Grillo

Jill Grillo, R.N., C.C.M.

Jill Grillo has worked at Hyland for more than 12 years. Her current role is a Senior Healthcare Business Consultant, where she provides consultative services to organizations with the goal of improving existing processes in addition to reducing operating costs. Jill has been supporting customers and patients for more than 24 years with her vast healthcare knowledge and experience in the provider and payer sectors. Areas of specialization and focus include case management, post-acute care, behavioral health, chemical dependency and utilization management.  Jill’s experience as a Registered Nurse and Certified Case Manager allow her to provide professional, personalized, and comprehensive insights to match the unique needs of each healthcare organization she collaborates with to ensure their project goals and objectives are met. Her experience and knowledge also includes a focus on regulations and standards including gaining URAC accreditation and assisting with ISO quality assurance audits and accreditation. She continues to focus on the patient, by helping improve healthcare organization’s core processes and ensuring proper resource utilization, thus enhancing the care and delivery of services provided to patients and their families.

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