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Life without ECM: One credit union’s perspective

Life without ECM: One credit union’s perspective

I often wonder how we at Anheuser-Busch Employees Credit Union survived in a world of paper and microfilm. Employees struggled to find information that was vital to do their jobs. And there was no central storage location to keep content in line. But here’s what we did have: massive vaults, dusty file rooms and rusty filing cabinets. Our employees had to battle boxes and folders full of current and previous members’ documents to find what they needed. As a result, departmental processes – including lending, member service and HR – slowed down. Finding a single document could take up to five days! Our members deserved better. Our credit union’s leaders knew we needed a solution to tie departments together, improve member service and ease reports processing at the same time. That’s when we turned to an electronic document management solution.

Putting the “Enterprise” in ECM for the Insurance Market

Insurers are operating in saturated markets in North America, and the current slow but steady economic recovery is creating more pressure to run efficient and effective businesses. In today’s environment, insurers agree that the management of their documents and content is a critical issue – one that is a key contributor to their success. Insurance companies have been applying technology to this area for decades, and are now increasing the focus they are placing on enterprise content management (ECM) systems. In the early years of automation, technologies were leveraged to improve the efficiency of handling paper documents – the printing, sorting, inserting, and mailing of letters and policies to customers and third parties. For the past two decades, insurers have applied IT solutions to the management of electronic documents and content.
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ECM for GWP: Enabling Growth in Insurance Through Content Management

This is the second of a three part series from Strategy Meets Action (SMA) partner – and now Hyland guest blogger – Mark Breading. You can read the first post, Content is King in the Insurance Enterprise, here. Enterprise content management (ECM) and gross written premium (GWP) are two terms that are not often used in the same sentence in the insurance industry. Systems to manage documents and content have been relegated to the back office and cost cutting initiatives in years past. However, a new role for ECM is emerging – improving communications with customers and enabling top line growth. An SMA study revealed that 48% of insurers consider managing the storage, archiving, and retrieval of documents to be highly strategic, while another 43% considers it important. In addition, 82% of survey respondents cite the capture of paper based information and its integration into systems as highly strategic or important.