Author: Bill Filion

Are you ready for the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 release

Are you ready for the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 release?

After many months of beta, Microsoft will be officially releasing Internet Explorer 9 tonight at 9 p.m. PT. There's been plenty of talk around the pros and cons of the features and functionality. Some highlights: It has a brand new scripting engine under the covers thats's expected to render many websites and web-based products faster (possibly 10 times faster!). It’s definitely an improvement and a continual step forward by Microsoft. Chances are very good that you’re going to want to get it rolled out throughout the company. But are you ready for it? Here's the problem. The new scripting engine from Microsoft is significantly different from all prior versions, and although Microsoft has made attempts to make web-based products run the same as they did in IE8, there’s no guarantee. This means that if you are running any web-based products that you’ve built or bought, those products may not work properly, or at all, on IE9. Clearly, this could result in a disruption of your business processes.