5 ways insurers can defeat digital Trojan horse ninjas


In the age of digital transformation, information security is vital.

With digital ninjas hiding out in Trojan horses – it’s a thing, kind of – you need to ensure your digital systems and processes are secure enough to retain the trust of agents and insureds. You also need to protect your insurance organization from liability.

Following are five ways to do so.

Opportunities for data security improvement

Make sure your digital security remains top of mind by:

  1. Automatically changing data access when roles change
  2. Making it simple for a systems administrator to immediately change an employee’s viewing and sharing privileges when he or she changes roles
  3. Establishing a formal review of data privacy and data security policies covering USBs and removal media
  4. Making sure employees don’t use public storage services that don’t provide encryption of your data at rest
  5. Investing in an enterprise cloud file sharing solution hosted on a purpose-built cloud platform

You don’t have to travel back in time to ancient Greece to find ninjas hidden away, ready to steal your wealth. They’re already here.

With a proactive security strategy, you’ll keep them safely outside the gates.

Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane recently joined Hyland as the global portfolio manager for its insurance vertical. In her role, she is responsible for leading the software company’s strategic marketing strategy to effectively position OnBase as a leading enterprise information platform within the insurance market. Cara oversees all marketing initiatives to plan, execute and manage Hyland’s insurance marketing tactics including lead generation, tradeshow management and development of collateral. With more than 17 years’ experience in the software industry, Cara advises organizations on best practices to digitize processes and become more efficient.

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