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Welcome to 2019!

If you’re a fan of The OnBase Blog, you know I think a great way to begin a new year is to look back at the previous year to celebrate your accomplishments. It’s also an excellent way to identify ongoing trends that will increasingly affect both you and your organization this year.

Of the 159 blog posts we published on The Hyland Blog in 2018, what you care about is clear: Digital transformation. And how to figure out where you are on the path.

Read on to see what your colleagues found most interesting last year. And how you can stay competitive this year.

The top 10

Here are the top 10 of 2018. Enjoy!

1. What does physical transformation have in common with digital transformation?

By Taylor Joffrion, product marketing specialist

Taylor Joffrion is a great guy. He’s also the kind of guy you look at and think, “That guy’s in shape.” But apparently, it wasn’t always that way.

The number one post of the year by a longshot, Joffrion takes you through his physical transformation and details the similarities of his process with digital transformation. The key, he says, is going beyond the right equipment and partnering with the right people – experts who care about your results.

2. Take charge of photos captured in your Emergency Department

By Phil Wasson, healthcare industry manager

healthcare enterprise imagingHDOs are under tremendous pressure to provide high-quality care with fewer and fewer resources, so using a personal device to capture an image or video to support diagnosis is common.

“But stand-alone solutions for these functions can be extremely problematic,” noted Wasson, “because they don’t always provide the enterprise interoperability to get the photo or video image to the right person, in the right format at the right time. Unless the ED and the HDO have a method for properly capturing, indexing, storing, sharing, and securing images captured on mobile devices, there is no real way to know how this content is being used and managed.”

Read the rest of the blog post to learn five tips to a successful enterprise imaging strategy.

3. 7 considerations for healthcare interoperability

By Kate Barney, former healthcare industry manager

Sadly, our good friend Kate Barney retired last year. Well, sad for us, but happy for her. Regardless, before leaving the building, Barney provided seven tips to help your healthcare organization achieve interoperability.

It’s a challenge that’s worth the work and a post that’s worth the read, because, as she noted, digital health technologies, technology standardization, and interoperability are the fundamental enablers for delivering connected health services. Check out the blog post to find out how they all tie together to help you deliver better patient care, which is the whole point.

4. Enterprise imaging’s role in AI

By Ken Congdon, product marketing specialist

“Artificial intelligence can’t learn without enterprise medical imaging,” said Congdon.

To achieve optimal results, healthcare providers must first build a comprehensive patient portrait that includes discrete, semi-structured and unstructured medical information. Therefore, enterprise medical imaging technologies that connect disparate semi-structured and unstructured content to enterprise systems like enterprise health records are essential to properly feed AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics initiatives.

Read Congdon’s blog post to find out how to improve population health, reduce hospital readmissions, cut operational costs, and enhance the accuracy of clinical predictions.

5. 3 ways AI is revolutionizing data capture

By Jaclyn Inglis, product marketing specialist

Automated data capture technology already increases workplace efficiency and decreases business costs. But intelligent data capture is even more powerful, notes Inglis, when you leverage the power of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation.

With intelligent capture software, you teach the AI-driven “engine” by example – like training an intern how to perform a data entry task. And, like a motivated intern, it will quickly pick up on contextual information and learn to interpret patterns and features in different document types.

Clearly, AI is a hot topic. Read Inglis’ excellent post to learn the three ways AI is changing data capture with classification, extraction, and validation.

6. A 3-step approach to eliminate healthcare faxes

By The Hyland Blog

“Faxing is the cockroach of American medicine: Hated by doctors and medical professionals but able to survive – even thrive – in a hostile environment,” said author Sarah Kliff.

We agree. Read on to find out three things your healthcare organization can do to get rid of pesky faxes and securely share digital information.

7. Live from HIMSS18: Notes from the AsiaPac Summit

By Amy Oliver

Ever the intrepid globetrotter, for this blog post, Oliver visits Australia to see what’s new in the Asia-Pacific healthcare space.

Read the post for the details on the three key themes of the show: Innovation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

8. Prior authorization: Let the consensus begin … today!

By The Hyland Blog

We’re excited that many provider-centered organizations issued a Consensus Statement on Improving the Prior Authorization Process. It’s a great start, and is very forward-looking.

Read the post to find out how we can turn the bold words in the consensus statement into action.

9. Digital transformation: #HIMSS18 Facebook Live chat No. 1

By Alana Coticchia

Looking to deliver better care, more affordably? Do you want to give your patients more insight into – and control over – their care? Do you want to know how digital transformation can help your organization achieve these goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out Coticchia’s blog post. Better yet, watch the recording of Susan deCathelineau, Hyland’s VP of global healthcare sales and services, and Mike Myers, Hyland’s AVP of global healthcare sales, as they chatted live from HIMSS18.

10. Digital transformation or digital optimisation: A journey versus a starting point

By Colin Dean

Europe is currently operating at only 12 percent of its digital potential, while the U.S. is operating at 18 percent, according to the McKinsey Global Institute’s Industry Digitization Index. That’s not good.

Read Dean’s incisive post to find out how you can perform a digital self-check to see if your organisation (he’s British) is starting to optimise or is transforming – and how to go from small steps to large leaps.

BIG changes are coming!

We have some big changes in store for 2019. Like, really big. And we think you’re going to love them!

Thank you for stopping by. We sincerely appreciate it!

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