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Live From HIMSS 13: The Importance of IT for the Future of Healthcare

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No matter your political beliefs, we can all agree on something: Healthcare IT is a critical component of moving our healthcare system forward. During his keynote address at HIMSS 13, former U.S. President Bill Clinton emphasized the need for IT to drive down costs while improving patient care.

As Clinton explained, we can’t sit back and keep doing what we’ve done in the past.

“We want Americans to have the best healthcare,” he explained. “We need to think about the role of IT to have an impact on it.”

With rising healthcare costs and a lack of accessibility, IT is needed now more than ever. By utilizing technology, healthcare organizations provide staff with access to accurate, timely and complete information, increasing the quality of care and service while at the same time lowering operating costs. That, in turn, results in lower costs for patients, allowing more and more citizens to access much-needed benefits.

Implementing IT also provides transparency in healthcare processes, allowing organizations to continuously improve their processes while increasing efficiency and driving down costs across the enterprise.

“We cannot allow a lack of transparency,” Clinton said. “We can change all that. … We need to use IT everywhere to continuously update [healthcare] with the best knowledge and best practices we know.”

By doing so, healthcare organizations equip themselves with the tools necessary to manage data, streamline processes and provide the best patient services.

As Clinton said, it’s what we do now that matters. So, how are you going to use IT to transform your organization?

***Please note this blog is in no way endorsing one political view over another. This post is simply meant to report on a keynote session that was an important part of the conversations at HIMSS 13.***

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