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Something’s different about us…yet still the same

Our company was founded, more than 20 years ago now, with a single, simple mission: to help a small bank in Necedah, Wisconsin, achieve its full potential. In close collaboration with this one customer, with its current and future needs in mind, we crafted one of the world’s first Windows-based integrated document management systems. The […]

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#AskMiguel anything

Have you ever wished you could ask a software company CTO any question that pops into your head? Whether it’s about the company’s product or culture – or what shows are on his DVR? Now’s your chance. Miguel Zubizarreta, Hyland’s CTO and executive vice president, is giving you the opportunity to ask him anything you […]

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Live at HIMSS14: looking over the horizon

Traffic on the show floor noticeably lightened late yesterday afternoon as HIMSS14 attendees jockeyed for seats to see Hillary Rodham Clinton deliver the day’s keynote address. The former First Lady, New York Senator and U.S. Secretary of State received a warm welcome from an audience on the front lines of putting healthcare initiatives into action. As […]

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Live at HIMSS14: ease the transition to ICD-10 with ECM

As noted during this morning’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) session, in a few short months, the mandatory transition to ICD -10 will be a reality. Healthcare organizations around the country are preparing for the inevitable: Making sure physicians and staff are ready for the changes and that supporting documentation is in place […]

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Live at HIMSS14: Extend the Value of Your Technology Investments with ECM

Most health systems have made huge investments, up to hundreds of millions of dollars, in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). It goes without saying that it’s in their best interests to optimize their EMRs, rather than “rip and replace,” whenever possible. Such was the case for Baystate Health. Rather than starting over, the organization made a […]

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Live at HIMSS14: People Power Technology

Late yesterday afternoon in the Innovation Theater, a standing-room only crowd listened intently to a session about the digital future of healthcare and the role that adopting technology will play to transform the industry. Asking the audience to imagine the possibilities that await us, we were shown a world where consumers managed everything from chronic […]

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Live at HIMSS14: The Time is Now

When I was in nursing school, I worked as a scribe for an orthopaedic surgeon. Hospitals were powered by pen, paper and Selectric typewriters. Apple was still in a garage and Microsoft’s annual revenue was a mere $22,496. Every day I typed his schedule, and per his orders spent the next hour double-checking it against the […]

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