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The importance of instant, but accurate, information

It is human nature to crave instant information to quickly form opinions and make judgments – especially today. Accustomed to the immediacy of social media, we don’t like waiting to find out what’s going on. Whether you have gotten caught up in developments around recent reports of violence, political conflicts or airplane accidents, you know that […]

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Crazy little thing called cloud

I’m sure you’ve heard of that thing called the cloud. You know, that buzz word analysts and experts toss around relentlessly. All the leading computer companies want us to use their cloud: Google, Amazon and Microsoft. It’s all the rage. But what is it? In reality, it’s just a bunch of servers located in a cage […]

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Passion: A requirement in Higher Ed

I recently returned from a family vacation in Maine where my husband and I set the requirement that we fully relax and disengage from work. Surrounded by the beauty of New England, mission accomplished. We ended our trip with one last day as a family walking the Freedom Trail in Boston. And there I was, immersed […]

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Why Hyland and ReadSoft are a natural fit for employees, stakeholders and the ECM industry

Editor’s note: To view this post in Swedish, please click here. Hyland, creator of OnBase’s bid to acquire Sweden-headquartered ReadSoft is an exciting development, not only for the two companies, but for the enterprise content management (ECM) industry as a whole.   ReadSoft and Hyland are a perfect match and the combined company will be unmatched […]

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Understanding data protection in the cloud

The concept of protecting content in the cloud seems like an obvious one. No organization is going to put their crown jewels into a cloud-based solution without making sure that they are going to be secure, right? For countries based in the European Union (EU), it’s actually a little more complicated than simply making sure […]

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